Getting Here

Gold Creek is remote, there are no roads to get here, which is part of the charm. You can ride the flag-stop train from Talkeetna, which is what the locals do. Many people have cabins along the way and the conductor of the train will fill you in on the rich history of the area. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can charter a helicopter, we have space for landing at our camp. Another option is a riverboat up the Susitna River. We recommend taking the thrilling trip up to see Devil’s Canyon past Gold Creek and then being dropped off with us on the way back.

 If you are an experienced rafter, you do have the option of bringing your raft along on the train and floating back to Talkeetna on your departure day.


Rest and Relaxation

Our cabins sleep from 2 to 4 guests. Each cabin has all the bedding and pillows you will need plus a heater for chilly nights! There is also a shower house and a camp kitchen cabin with 2 nicely appointed cooking areas. Or if you prefer to cook outside we have grills and a lovely firepit!


From quick hikes around the camp and down to the river, to a 10 mile round trip up the canyon, or up the mountain to the top for an amazing view, we can send you in the right direction.

Once you are here…

You will be greeted and shown around the camp so you can get acquainted with your surroundings. Our private, cozy cabins are built by hand by the owner, with lumber milled right from Gold Creek.  

Gold Panning

We have pay dirt! You’ll be shown the proper technique of gold panning and we will provide you with a vial to take what you find home with you.


Gold Creek has a rich history of gold mining. The claims were first staked in the early 1900’s, and held by several different miners until I took over the claims in the ’90s. We raised our 3 daughters and mined to support our family off this beautiful land for over 20 years.  Come along for a tour of my operation and learn about the history of the area.